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Why combine March and April?

Well, I'm graduating in a few days, and I thought it would be cool to combine my last material as an undergrad into one album! A lot of the songs reflect on my last experiences at Bloomsburg University, so I suppose it's appropriate to say that this is a look into my feelings leading up to graduation. There's melancholy and emptiness, but there's also joy and triumph.

It isn't easy being a senior in college and trying to write full-fledged songs.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: it's a fight with time. This album is March and April's work smashed into one effort. As you can imagine, most songs are what my digital art teacher would call "works-in-progress". But that's okay.

On my last album I listed some of the things I learned while making it. I learned some things here, too.

Once again I want to reiterate that this project is about forgiveness. I had to forgive myself for not having any ideas for half of March. I had to forgive myself for writing shorter, less detailed songs. I had to forgive myself for simply not wanting to write when I should have. When my year-long time with Blisscipline is up, I'll probably look back and call this the "work-in-progress" album. I'll shrug it off and laugh. Even if I find some of the songs unlistenable, there still might be a bit of light in a few of them.

As an artist, it's tough to love the things I make. All I want to do is destroy, repair, destroy. It is very hard for me, a self-proclaimed perfectionist, to make something and feel satisfied. But this album is me trying to let go of that feeling, and go back to one of the original project goals: just getting my thoughts out. Writing them down. Putting them out there on the web. Having tangible material, and saying "I did it."

Some of them are sloppy. Some of them are just quick ideas. For some of them, I literally pressed "record" and just winged it. But that feels good to say as I type this! It means I'm still working my way up.

This next stage in my life will be scary. But with this album, I'm eagerly saying goodbye to student life and hello to my adult life. I'm going to do bigger and better things. I'm going to "unrelate" the past and present.

Songwriting is what charges me up like lightning through my veins. And people like you, who support me, drive my thundering heart. I do this for me, but more importantly, for you!


released May 1, 2016



all rights reserved


blisscipline Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

a single ray of light breaking through the clouds

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Track Name: beatrice
excuse me, miss
i believe you dropped this
on your way out the door
i handed it to her
halfway through the transfer
on the blue shone some bright silver
lettering that just might be
the most beautiful name i've ever seen
it has a certain ring
like the two lines of red and blue jeans
melting through a mixtape
or oversized pocket tees
with those cuffed and fitted sleeves
showing off that molar tattoo
your name might just be the most beautiful name i've ever seen
Track Name: working out
what would it take
to say that i'm strong?
lifting over fifty pounds
does that count?
or how about running ten laps
i've struggled with that
but i'll get it all back
what would it take
to just stand up straight
an hour working out
does that count?
stretching all my limbs
don't have time for this
but i'll get it all back
Track Name: piece of my heart
The wind ran its fingers through my hair
Combing slow and twisting ends
As if it knows how much I have to give
Consoling me
Everyone has a piece of my heart
Whether it's behind their smiles
Worn right on their sleeves
Tucked away in their backpacks
Shoved into some closet
Everyone has a piece of my heart
In the empty amphitheater
I was gigantic from ear to ear
And I was sinister
I pretended I lived in everything
And when the wind whispered sweet,
I didn't hold back tears
Track Name: i almost fought a guy at the ringo deathstarr show
"You can be my girlfriend."
Please don't touch her ever again.
You grab women like stolen property,
And now you're heading for me.
We're all here for the same thing,
But your attention is on the drinks.
Please don't ruin my reputation
For being non-confrontational.
Don't get drunk at shows
If you can't be responsible.
I won't take back what I did.
You and your friends deserved it.
Track Name: get lost
Do you live your life in a daze?
Did you ever see yourself crossing that stage?
Who needs that body anyways?
You're see-through, drifting out of place
So get lost and go find yourself
I won't pass you off to anybody else
You're gonna need at least a little help
Coming out of the cage works just as well
After all, what would you do
When nobody holds your hand anymore?
Track Name: what it's like to be romantic
Headlights trail the wall in victorious love
And indigo pushes through the window
Everything joyous is aching beneath
Why does a perfect day have to bury
Itself next to tearful memories?
Reflection is all that will ever be
But I believe I can live in these warm tones,
Threshold for the romantics and idealists
I hope so I hope so
Track Name: gfs and bfs
every boy has a girlfriend
and every girl has a boyfriend
i am here beside them
saying when did this happen?
and why does warmer weather
bring people closer together?
the more body heat the better
they will burn up together
the fact that some can't go a month
without their special someone
makes me laugh and laugh and laugh
ha ha ha
but i want all of it
i want love
Track Name: joe at the library
A misty curtain hangs
Over cars driving lazy down Main Street
And reality unravels like loose shoelace
All the places I've been become less familiar
Beckoning for one more backward glance
And this longing to move on
Is carried with me on my way
To see Joe at the library
Track Name: who knows?
my mother always said
live each day as if it were your last
i might meet my love tomorrow
who knows?

my father always said
you have to take care of yourself
i might find myself tomorrow
who knows?
Track Name: the award award
I've got my name on a plaque,
Who else can say that?
I'm an outstanding character
Who has been active on campus
It all seemed like no big deal,
But now I know it is
And that's just me
Track Name: swan song
I took on everything this place had
And I didn't settle, I won
I can't explain this calm,
But I'll accept it.
Let it into
The different me, the better me
I'm truly on my own but
I'm much stronger now
Much stronger