pet rock family

by blisscipline

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Ah, the sophomore slump!

Okay, sure, I'm still proud of what I created here, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it. But I want to briefly take you through my thoughts on writing it.

This album came late, and part of the reason was that it was hard to make. While time was my friend on the last release, time was my worst enemy on this one. I thought writing seven songs in a week again would be easy, but I kept finding that I was just too busy. It is the middle of the semester, after all. School comes first (believe me, I hate admitting that and saying that).

Since Blisscipline is basically a diary of my growth as a singer-songwriter, my struggle with time wasn't a total loss. I found out some things about my process that will definitely aid me on the March album and subsequent releases.

One of them is that I should write the lyrics in advance. It is SUPER rough writing lyrics and music all in the same week. I came into the first album with all of the lyrics beforehand. Here, I had to start from scratch.

Another thing is that no matter what, I should NEVER over-complicate things! This project is supposed to be a way to express myself, but wanting to make a perfect second album often got into my head.

Before I leave you to listen, I just want to say that Pet Rock Family is an album about love. February is a lonely month; it always is. I wrote these songs about people, places, and situations that I love in order to get me through the month. Some are real and some aren't, but hope is a beautiful thing, and a large part of love. Probably like 37 percent, or something.

i hope you have love to share too. Please do, whenever you can.


released March 1, 2016

My dear friend Joey Reichman played rhythm guitar on and co-wrote "Like Late Night Radio".



all rights reserved


blisscipline Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

a single ray of light breaking through the clouds

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Track Name: like late night radio
When all the dishes clear away
When all the chatter leaves
When all the cycles of the day
Pass by you and me
Will you stay awhile?
Will you talk with me?
When my stumbling evens out
When our pupils dilate
When your hair falls into your mouth,
Thinking, looking sideways
Will you have to be somewhere?
Or do you prefer right here?
Your little laugh papers the room
Your speech hushed like late night radio
And I need more than a few minutes
To tune into you
When it's just the two of us
Who will be the first to fall in love?
Track Name: simple things 1 (waking up next 2 u)
~ i don't know how to translate bird chatter ~ ;)
Track Name: mosaic
I wish I knew her
Footsteps on avenues,
The way she greets the sun
Her solo marches, bottle cap fortunes
I wish I saw her
Traveler's log,
Her endless looking up,
Her high waisted jeans and night clubs
I want to be a tile in her mosaic
I could be a compliment
I wish I knew her
In monochrome, through stained glass
Fast as highway drives, still as tea
All the photos of her family
Through the glass I can see wonderland
I want to be a tile in her mosaic
I could be her complement
Track Name: simple things 2 (groceries)
Bringing in the groceries
You turn around and smile at me
We exist in the same space, finally
Things are okay now
I started to say, “Is this a dream?”
She said, “Not until you fall asleep.”
I don't want to dream again
I have everything in front of me
Track Name: house with one candle
Lost rocketeers wandering aimlessly
We sail through lifting fog and fallen leaves
Paintings with no attribution
Sweep us up in the same brush beats
A function from the mountain garden
Tumbling to an empty town on the horizon
They call us the house with one candle
We always light up the room
But when the room empties out
We put out just like everyone else
Lay down just like everyone else
Nothing special
We define ourselves
Track Name: simple things 3 (umbrellas)
Seurat umbrellas dotting the streets
Downtown lights go through the ground
Comfort is hearing rain against the window
Against your whispers
Wet newsprint still clings to your face
A story I wouldn't read any other way
Comfort is feeling you next to me
We're a pet rock family
Track Name: still
We're an 8 pm sunset
Pink paint dripping down siding
Only to dim with the mood lights
We're automatically timed
We are the end of the day
Blue starlit glow peeking through the shades
Blue TV glow that we're not watching
As curtains chase wind through the torn screens
Settle down with me
We are still
We are the beams flicking the palisade walls
Felt under body heat and peripherals
Figuring out how to shape our hazy hands
So they never come unhinged
Still with you every time
I choose you every time
Settle down with me
We are still