songs i sing when no one else is around

by blisscipline

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i've always struggled to write songs that i actually like. i've also grappled with being a perfectionist about my songwriting. during the last week of january 2016, i decided to throw caution to the wind. i wrote a song every day for a week. my only constraint was time. i wrote things that sounded good to me, no matter how long or how structured.

so, with my acoustic guitar, my voice, my phone's voice recording app, and a whole bunch of forgiveness, here's blisscipline album 1. maybe you'll see me perform someday with more people behind me and i'll be a little louder. maybe i'll do more of these end-of-the-month album things (that's a yes maybe).

during this project, i felt more positive throughout the week. it gave me something to look forward to; something to keep me busy and happy during a bleak time of year.

i hope you find something that makes you feel that way too.


released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


blisscipline Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

a single ray of light breaking through the clouds

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Track Name: midnite snowball fite
Midnight snowball fight on Center Street
Moonlit kids duck behind their pillars
Tossing chilly hand grenades packed so tight
Never seen so many exploding smiles
Plows roll through like bowling balls
That never strike their pins
Echoing through the alleys
In town, see the pink light of the clouds
Hesitating at the corner
I called everyone I know to join the action
But they're like cats sleeping with the heat
Always need to land on their feet
No more excuses to avoid fun
I won't slide into the winter slump
So I fall
So I fall
Track Name: chlorine
Blasting all the chlorine off my body
Going to sleep still smelling pool-sweet
Nothing beats you rippling through
No hearts beat as fast as ours do
I'm still betting on another four weeks
The benefits always canceling
It all amounts to numbers on a screen
No one knows the things that we mean
Those swimmers have lead arms, baby
But they always miss you when they swing
Track Name: pinegrove inspired me to write a happy song
I will always be learning
I will always dig deep
I will always seek out opportunity
I will be the best man I can be
Oh, you wouldn't believe
How long it took to believe me
I will always have a level head
I will always have a soapy heart
I will always put myself at start
But I will be the best man I can be
And everyone's lucky when they shake my hand
Oh, you wouldn't believe
How long it took to believe these things
Track Name: i overslept
It's not mechanical, it's a process
That unfolds overnight
And folding myself in clean sheets
Will never get me in line
For the third time this week
My legs are complaining
Bending themselves into weird shapes
My knees never stayed straight
Someday I will turn in early for you.
Track Name: youreyell
You're yelling in the street
But you won't see
Any of these
People anymore,
So it doesn't matter
You're yelling at midnight bingo
When your numbers aren't called
Because it's better than being
Out on the town
Where you don't matter
You're yelling with your friends
Because each of your voices
Fills the air
Swirling into a noisy cloud
That will always matter
You're yelling and not staying quiet
Track Name: ✔list
Your eyes are turning into black ice again
Must have been another boy
Who's excepted from your checklist
I've rewritten mine and you can too
But first take the time to write yourself
Back into your life
You're on all night
But you've lost your voice
So give 'em a good dose of silence
You're dragging like a winter's day
But even the cold can feel lovely
And you will feel lovely soon
Track Name: feelin small and thinkin big
carl ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sagan